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An uptdate on Shalem Convent School

The students are given preparatory examination classes. Since most of the parents are not literate and unable to teach their children at home, the teachers take all the necessary steps to prepare them for examinations.

An uptdate on Shalem Convent School

Kukurah, Kaimur Bihar

School's Impact: The Shalem Convent School at Kukurah is going on smoothly. Half-yearly exams are going on in the school. Students are given preparatory examination classes focusing only on the doubtful points. The pre exam classes are helpful for students to clear their doubts before exams and to be well prepared for the exams. Since all the parents of the students in the school are not able to help them in studying, so the teachers are taking all the necessary steps to prepare them for examinations. The staff is not limited to the school classes but each month they organize a parents and teacher meeting, so that they can discuss the area of development of the students with their parents.

Apart from this, students are also getting involved into the worship songs and bible verses at the time of morning assembly. The students are doing very nice in school. The school has been organized special events on special days like teachers day, children's day to aware the children and their parents about importance of the education. There were theCelebration on the Christmas where all the Children and their parents attended the program in the school. All the students and their parents were very happy during these events. Their knowledge and development is also been reflected to other people in the area. We pray that all these children get a better life through learning. We are thankful to the Lord that he has helped us to do better and better to give a good platform to the underprivileged children toget good quality education. Students are also doing better as they are learning.

94 Children are continuing with their education. Almost 85% to 90% attendance of the students being recorded regularly. There are few occasion when attendance goes down like, in the harvest cultivation, sowing the harvest and during the sick seasons. Now it has been noticed that as the students have been taught about health, hygiene and good habits, students are becoming less sick and their attendance is much improved now. Parents were also aware about the negative impact of the sickness to their family and financial condition due to ignorance of the cleanness.

Challenges: It was notice that most of the parents are not literate and not able to contribute to teach their children at the home which is impacting the performance of the Students. There have been great changes has been noticed but it need to be improved more so the students can do much better and this part needs to be done by the parents. We have started with the students from almost zero and now they are doing good but we want better and parents are not able to teach/guide their children at home. This is now becoming challenge for us to find the best way to overcome this situation.After 6 months of academic session, it was notice that 70% of the students have improved but still there need to done much more.  

Parents were dependent on the school only for the good education and performance. Through the regular Parents Teachers Meetings, this thinking process has been affected and literate parents have started to workout/spent time with their children at home and those children are doing much better. We hope that in the coming time, all the parents will feel this responsibility of helping the children in their study at home.          

Finding a qualified and God fearing Christian leader to run and manage the Kukurah school as Principal is a challenge here.We are getting the Resume from the Non Christian but we want to hire aChristian person who can deal the Children, Parents and staff in God's love.

Plans: To overcome the situation and helping the parents and children to do better in their studies, the school staffs have discussed and came to following point as their plan:

·       Teachers need to do extra classes (Tuition Classes) with those students are not doing better.

·       Conducting a survey of Student's parents to know scale the literacy level and to know how much able they are to help their children in the study at their home.

·       After the survey, those parents are not able to help the students in study at their home will be given education/teachings to them. For them Adult literacy classes will be conducted so they can further help their children. This task is not easy as village peoples are busy with their own work and motivating them to come to the class for learning but we hope and pray that we can do that.

Actions: All the students were distributed winter uniform sin the presence of Ps. Gladwin. All the parents and students gathered and collected the uniforms for their wards. Children and parents were very much happy on the occasion.

Regular classes and counseling have been given to the Children and their parents for the importance of the Education. They have been aware about their responsibilities as a parents towards their wards. Parents were updated with their ward's improvements/performances.

Special days celebrated with the Children and their parents to create an aware environment for the community. Other than the Students and parents, other community peoples took participation in the special events like Christmas,Children's day functions. These events created an environment with positive thinking towards Christian believers and their activities.

Urinal blocks have been ready and now used by the students. It was the major issue which has solved now and all students are relaxed. It has helped to keep the school premises and urinals clean which has helped students to be safe from sickness/infection specially for girl child.

Urgent Needs: Need to expand the classes for the students as the new session is now very near. As we have discussed that there is piece of land beside the school building which can help us to expand the school with more space and student friendly structure. It will also helps us to get registration by meeting the government norms for the registration, if we purchased that land.  

Staffs: By the God's grace all the staffs are working hard and good. They are also happy and working delicately. We are slowly bringing everything on the track/systematic way so the school and its children get the best result. Many things has to be done but it will take some time as we have just started.Hallelujah.

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