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May 2024

A wonderful spring at Ebenezer

Celebrations, competitions, learning and fun - read more about the life at Ebenezer school this spring

Teaching Staff

The Headmaster gathered all teaching staff a week before school reopened to plan the upcoming term and recruit new teachers. Key discussions included the annual "Door-to-Door" campaign, where staff visit homes to promote the Sponsorship Program funded by Glocal Aid and Zinzino Foundation. This campaign targets underprivileged families in Karwi, informing them about the affordable, quality education available at Ebenezer School. Staff were divided into mixed-gender groups, visiting new areas to maximize outreach. Despite the heat, teachers returned with positive experiences, ready to continue the campaign over several days.

Distribution of School Equipment

With new enrollments complete, the school distributed essential equipment to students, including textbooks, stationery, and backpacks. District Youth Welfare Officer Mr. Shailesh Kumar Upadhyay honored outstanding students by distributing equipment, highlighting the ongoing support from Glocal Aid and Zinzino Charity. Mr. Upadhyay praised the school’s efforts and the quality of the provided materials.

Independence Day Celebrations

On August 15, Independence Day was celebrated with a school parade and cultural program. Students gathered early, decorated in national colors, and marched through Karwi, showcasing their discipline and enthusiasm. The day included performances by students, speeches on patriotism, and the distribution of sweets. The event concluded with a message from the Headmaster and a special address by CFO Mr. Abhilash Ram, emphasizing the importance of independence and national pride.

Chess and Carrom Competition

During the rainy season, the school organized indoor competitions in Chess and Carrom for students in grades 6-8. House teachers selected participants, and finals were judged by four teachers. Winners received cups and medals in a prize-giving ceremony, with enthusiastic support from their peers. The event provided a much-needed break from regular studies and encouraged mental and physical engagement.

Teachers' Day Celebration

Teachers' Day honors Dr. S. Radhakrishnan. Each class prepared festivities, with students decorating their classrooms and competing for the "Best Class" award. The Headmaster inspected and judged the classes, awarding prizes to the best-decorated classes. The day concluded with celebrations and speeches, recognizing the crucial role of teachers in shaping the future.

Rangoli Competition

A Rangoli competition showcased the artistic talents of the girls in grades 6-8. After a preliminary round, ten finalists created vibrant designs using materials provided by the school. Chief Guest Mr. Nitin Dan judged the entries on creativity and skill. The competition highlighted the cultural significance of Rangoli and encouraged artistic expression among students.

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