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July 2019

An update on Shalem Convent School

The school in Kukurah is receiving more and more support from the local community, and the perception of christians are changing.

The school in Kukurah, Shalem Convent School has now completed one year of schooling for families with limited opportunities for good education. Parents are very happy with the program, and the perception of christians are changing in the community around. The school is receiving more and more support from the local community.

Shalem Convent School currently have 150 students enrolled in the program. Eight students get the education for free because they come from disadvantaged groups like physically challenged, single parents, orphans or below poverty line. 53 new students have enrolled to the school and has received books, backpacks and uniforms for free.

With a growing number of kids, there is also a growing need for physical space. New toilet blocks have been constructed, but not more classrooms. The kids are currently kept at the assembly area. It is hard to concentrate in an open space area, so new classrooms is an urgent need.

The education offered to the children has made great contributions in the development of the kids, the families and the society. Keeping a low price has helped families saving money for other needs of the family. The school is also having special events like awareness camps, celebrations and Parent-Teacher meetings are helping families improve their health and hygiene. These are also focused on solving other common problems too, like good family planning to improve economy, and to raise awareness in the society.

The staff team is now complete for the next season with 6 teachers, manager and principal. It’s a good and dedicated team doing their best for the school. Parents have seen the changes in their children and they are hopeful towards their children’s bright future.

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