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February 2023

Sports day at Kukrah school!

Watch this video with greetings from our principal, and a glimpse of a fun day of sports and fellowship at the school!

The last few months of 2022 were a blast fort he students. They got to celebrate many national holidays, including Children’s Day and Christmas. In between all the excitement and celebrations, they also appeared for their mid-term examinations and scored very well. The students are done with their final exams and are preparing for the new semester to start.

A few of the major changes that we are focused on bringing into the school is shifting the mindset of students and teachers, that sports are an extra-curricular activity and not a necessity. And to help them shift their focus, we organized ‘Sports Day’ on 30thJanuary 2023.

For the first time an event like ‘Sports Day’was held in the village of Kukurah. Everyone was very excited, the students andthe village people. The event was held in the ground behind the school. The teachers and the staff worked very hard to prepare the ground for Sports Day. On 30th January, all the people of the village gathered around the ground and were excited to see the students participate in games like Cricket, Badminton, Kho-Kho, Long-Jump, High-Jump,and 200m Race. Trophies were given to the winners the next day which was, the ‘Annual Day.’

All the parents were invited to celebrate the Annual Day. Students had prepared different cultural programs and excitedly performed. Later, the award ceremony was held and the day ended with refreshments for everyone.

From July onwards we are going to hire our security guard as a sports teacher. He is a college graduate and has experience with sports and is suitable for the job. But before replacing him we are looking for a new security guard. Because of the steps taken for the advertisement of the school, students are being admitted every day. The results for this session are out and the new session starts on the 3rd of April. We are excited about the new beginning of the school.  

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