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February 2024

A big thank you for a wonderful 2023!

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MISSION & VISION: The objective of this project is to uplift children from impoverished backgrounds in Dooars. Dooars is surrounded by numerous tea gardens, many of which have closed, resulting in families struggling to make ends meet and facing severe poverty. A survey conducted in these areas was eye-opening, revealing that a significant number of children had dropped out of school due to financial constraints, forcing them into child labor and leaving them malnourished.

In response, Grace Ministries and Glocal Aid have collaborated to design an effective program aimed at providing these children with not only free education but also addressing their malnutrition by providing food and essential items with compassion.

Grace Academy is committed to illuminating the path of knowledge. Currently, over 400 students benefit from quality education. Our dedicated mentors and qualified teachers play an important role in nurturing these young minds, fostering steady improvement. The school boasts a high attendance rate of ninety to ninety-five percent, a testament to the dedication of both staff and students.

ASSEMBLY TIME: Each day begins with an assembly, fostering discipline and unity among students and staff. Prayer, the school anthem, and motivational words set a positive tone for the day, complemented by physical activities promoting health and fitness.

CLASSROOM: Our classrooms are led by passionate and qualified teachers who strive to resolve issues promptly and ensure each student receives personalized attention. We follow the CBSE syllabus, with regular assessments ensuring academic progress. Grace Academy prioritizes innovation and creativity, offering a holistic approach to education. In addition to traditional sports, we've introduced Karate classes to promote physical fitness and discipline, enriching students' educational experience.

MID-DAY MEAL PROGRAM: Our mid-day meal program addresses malnutrition, significantly improving the health and well-being of our students. By providing nutritious meals, we alleviate the burden on parents who struggle to meet basic needs. Hygiene is paramount in our cooking department, with meticulous cleaning and fresh ingredients ensuring food safety. We prioritize healthy cooking practices, using minimal oil and spices to promote well-being.

In addition to academic resources, we provide students with essential educational materials and occasional treats to foster motivation and happiness, thanks to the support of our partners. To ensure accessibility, we offer free school bus services to remote areas of Dooars, enabling every child to attend school without financial constraints.

We extend our gratitude to Glocal Aid for enabling us to fulfill our mission.

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