Newsletter from
June 2020

School life and covid-19

This spring school life was drastically changed by the covid-19 pandemic. In this newsletter you can read about how Kukurah has handled the situation, which is still very intense in India.

The classes were going on as usual after the annual exams. All the students were taking classes andpreparation was going on for the new session. Results were about to be announced,but suddenly we experienced the same lockdown as many places in the world.

We want to share that the studentshave improved greatly over the last 12 months. Out of all the students, 85%have successfully promoted to the next class. All the children are doing verywell as compared to their last year. The parents are very happy to see their children'simprovement. Those children were not able to read and write in Hindi, now areable to read write and speak English.

Lockdown due to the covid-19virus has impacted the whole world economically, socially and physically. All agegroups are affected by this but older persons, children below 10 years,pregnant women and persons with various ailments are more vulnerable to this.Therefore, our government shut down all the educational institutions to stopthe spread of corona virus. This led the students to study from home viavarious means of online classes. But in the rural parts of India, onlineclasses are not possible due to lack of internet, devices and unawareness tothe technology. So now school has been closed for about 3 months which has impactedthe study of the children.

As this situation is notgoing to end soon hence we had to find alternatives. We have discussed withschool staff and planned to conduct classes for the children in theirrespective villages instead of calling them to the school. But, people invillages are very scared as new cases of Corona virus is spreading rapidlyafter the returning of the migrants labors to their home towns. Now the corona-tallygone to 7533 in Bihar which is alarming.

About 30 children are comingto the classes now. School staff are taking daily classes for those children inthe school building. Proper screening or each students andsanitization/disinfections being done at regularly basis to avoid any kind ofspread of infection. To maintain the social distance, only one student sits inone desk.  

However, the situation doesnot seem to be easy for India in following months. Though government hasimplemented an unlock-plan and allowed production houses to resume, this willbe very dangerous. If everything goes well and schools are given permission toopen with the guidelines then will start new session in July.



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