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May 2021

Beyond the covid-19 pandemic

A difficult school year has passed. Now we hope and plan for a new, normal and joyful school session

The COVID-19 pandemic has irrevocably changed all our lives. Among those whose lives have gone topsy-turvy are students — from school to university-level. Schools and colleges had to close, exams were not conductedon time due to the rise in COVID cases, and the academic sessions for schools started late. Due to all this, students could not study properly. Most of the learning switched to online mode; suddenly, the lives of students were disrupted and filled with uncertainty. Students in rural areas have largely not been able to access online classes due to non-availability of technology and internet access.

Students in Kukurah by and large do not have access to the internet, therefore online classes could not be held for many of the students. We were able to start the classes even during the corona with all the safety measures, but the second wave in India is very dangerous and we did want to put anyone’s safety at risk. Therefore, we had to refrain from starting the classes in recent weeks.The teachers were worried that the kids would not remember anything that they were taught, and so great focus has been given to one-to-one teaching. The final results of the previous year are ready, the kids have qualified and havebeen promoted to the next class, starting in June.

We are following all the safety measures while teaching and distributing books for the next session, and no one’s safety is at risk. Only 20 parents are allowed to visit the school in one day. Teachers are wearing double masks and gloves and greeting from afar. Teachers are also trying to visit the children who live nearby and inform them about the new session starting soon. We are also working to establish an even better partnership with parents and the community.

We are hoping to teach the students as much as we can via phone calls, and smaller group sessions. We do not want to fully re-open the school until the Government permits us. The staff is working hard and is learning new and better ways to teach the kids.

The lessons have been planned and the teachers are very excited to start the new session. It is going to be difficult, but we all are going to try our best, and teach the children as much as we can.

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