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September 2019

Activity Report Ebenezer School Karwi

A new semester has started after a hot summer vacation with temperatures reaching 50 degrees. The children were back to school on the 1st of July.

Activity Report Ebenezer School Karwi August/September 2019

A new semester has started after a summer vacation starting the second week of May. The temperatures were reaching 50 degrees, making it very hard for both the children and the staff. Attendance is low in all schools in the area in this heat, so a vacation was ‘warmly’ welcomed. This year the maximum capacity of of 500 students was reached earlier than in former years, and several families were declined. It was heartbreaking to see parents who had travelled quite some distance to enroll their child in the program leave the office in disappointment. These were encouraged to contact the School office for the next school year.

The children started coming back to school the 1st of July. They were very excited and expectant for a new semester starting. They all received school equipment which included a backpack, school uniforms, clothes for PT, text books, fully equipped pencil case, and a geometry box for the Junior Class children. The handing-out process took quite some time but was a joyful experience as always. The staff had a hard time controlling the excitement of the children and keeping them calm.


1.  Name of Child                Class                   Age          

A.  Sheelu Singh                    8th                  15 Years

B.  Anshika Singh                  4th                  10 Years

C.  Ayush Singh                     3rd                   9 Years

The father of these children, Mr Arjun Sing, is a farmer. As farming is dependent on the monsoon and therefore unpredictable, income is unpredictable. A team doing a ‘door to door’ campaign visited the family to tell about the benefit program. He was first reluctant, having a big family to provide for and little money, but seemed interested. Some days later a new team came to visit. Mr Singh asked if he could have a fee concession for one child if he enrolled all three of them. The Headmaster accepted his request and the father was excited to enroll his kids to the school.

Seeing the growth in the children and their excitement about attending school, his older brother living next door has now decided to send his children to the School for the next session.

2.     Name of Child                  Class                 Age

A.    Gudia Devi                       1st                     6 Years

B.     Komal Devi                       U.K.G.              5 Years

These little girls live with their father Mr. Bhupat Singh in a small hut made out of tin and hay. He is a farmer and owns a guava orchard. The crops are often damaged by pests so providing for the family is hard. The Staff met Mr Bhupat when he was preparing to head for the fruit market. He invited the staff inside. When the staff were explaining about the Benefit program one could see a growing hope in his eyes for a better life for his daughter. He interrupted them in the middle of a sentence saying he would send his daughters to the school the next day.

After three months in school, Mr. Bhupat is very happy and grateful for this opportunity given to his children, as well as to the other kids in the area.

Children Enrolled in the Ebenezer School (Class wise) for the year 19/20

S.No.              Class            Number of Children

 1.                   L.K.G.                      63

 2.                   U.K.G.                     41

 3.                      1st                        46

 4.                      2nd                       55

 5.                      3rd                        51

 6.                      4th                        53

 7.                      5th                        65

 8.                      6th                        53

 9.                      7th                        38

10.                     8th                        35


                    TOTAL                      500


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