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September 2022

Innblikk fra Ebenezer høsten 2022

We start each semester with a "Door to door" campaign to motivate the children to return to school. This year the response was particularly positive, as the pupils were able to return to normal circumstances at school.

In teaching, most of the pupils started with completely blank sheets of paper without particularly basic knowledge in reading and writing. We have therefore focused on getting the level back up to where we want the pupils to be. In the face of mid-year exams for 2022, we aim for each student to be able to deliver according to the level of their class, and to ensure that no one has to go through the year again.

We offer all pupils our own school bags, uniforms, notebooks, subject books and pencil cases so that they can apply for teaching at the same level. We see that the pupils take great pride in being responsible for their own school equipment, and motivate them to be extra involved in teaching.

New Delhi has carried out an area survey to map the state of development in the district. The survey shows that our school is located in the area where the condition is worst. This means that the area is now better followed up by a contact person, and we are pleased to have established a collaboration with this official. This has resulted in, among other things, that together with the authorities, during the pandemic management in the area, we have been able to offer vaccination to the pupils at the school. This has contributed to a rapid vaccination of the children in the area, and ensured that the school will be a safe arena to come to.

Sponsorhip program

We have several students who participate in the school's sponsorship programme. Here, children who come from families who cannot afford to pay school fees get the opportunity to have their schooling fully covered. The children who participate in this program are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to go to school, and we see a big difference in their personal development during the time they have had with us.

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