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January 2023

A report from Ebenezer school

Up to 70% of children who cannot afford education are involved in crime, according to a survey in the Economic Times (India). Through our work, we hope to be able to prevent this.

First, we would like to thank everyone who contributes to Ebenezer School. In 2022, we have worked to give children in financial difficulties the opportunity for a high-quality education, and secured their prerequisites for a safer future.

The teaching staff
This year, the school's teachers have been busy implementing new activity plans in the school, teaching the students and making sure that everyone is able to follow the level of their class. Through varied teaching, homework and tests, most of the students showed at their mid-term exam that they delivered according to expectations. Those pupils who, at the end of the first semester, did not deliver at the level expected of them, received good follow-up from their teachers into the next semester. This resulted in all our students finishing the year with good results. New for this year, we held staff meetings with all employees to ensure pedagogical development in teaching. Here we went through the dissemination of the syllabus, guidance models and test forms.



Every August 15th we celebrate Independence Day, when we became free from the British Empire. This year was the 75th anniversary, which made the day extra special for the students to celebrate.On the same day as the celebration, the government removed the corona restrictions, and encouraged to celebrate this occasion with full zeal and enthusiasm. And we who run educational institutions were tasked with encouraging our children to participate in all programs that were to be organized at school with patriotism. So we at Ebenezer School, Karwi, started the school day with a performance with the students, where they had created presentations and entertainment for parents to watch.We then went on a train, where the school band played while all the pupils marched around and waved the national flag in the schoolyard.


During the rainy season, we organized a chess and carrom tournament at the school. This created full enthusiasm among the students and several of them put in hard training to become the school's winner. It was fun to see how clever the students became.The tournament started with internal competitions in each of our four buildings. The winners then met from there for semi-finals, and then to the final itself where the winner walked away with a trophy!


On 2 October, the school celebrates Gandhi Jayanti to commemorate the birthday of the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi. We celebrated by hearing the story of Gandhi, where some students put on a performance. They conveyed the message of "See no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil".
After the performance, food was served to all the students.

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